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Home > Stories, Truths & Myths > Do airplanes now fly through the Bermuda Triangle?
Do airplanes now fly through the Bermuda Triangle?
Aviation - Stories, Truths & Myths
Written by Capt Lim   
Monday, 24 December 2007 08:00

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Hello Captain Lim,

This is Steven. I am curious to know if airplanes now fly through the Bermuda Triangle. I know, back in the days, lots of airplanes and ships were lost there. Do pilots still try to avoid that area? I have heard that there is a strong magnetic field or something there. Do you know what  really goes on there?

Thank you,


Hi Steven,

In my opinion, the Bermuda Triangle, like the Loch Ness Monster, is only a myth. Yes, I know many people, including those who love mysteries, would not agree with me. Well, the Triangle, located somewhere between Bermuda, Miami and San Juan in the Caribbean, is no more a dangerous part of the ocean than any other.

True, there were some planes and ships lost within or in the vicinity of the Triangle, and for sure, human beings, for what they are, would just love to attribute accidents to some causes, whether real or imagined. Yes, the Bermuda Triangle is also partly a paranormal pursuit of some that believe in the involvement of ghosts, demons or angels. Hence, the mysteries of the Triangle have flourished since the time of Christopher Columbus.

Remember, in the month of September 2005 where there were a series of air crashes, some theories were floating around that they were related or even explained through some supernatural intervention!

What theories have been raised to support the mysteries so far? Well, things like methane gas being released from the ocean floor; unexplained magnetic disturbances; some severe electrostatic charge affecting the human central nervous system and causing the pilot to lose consciousness are some of them. For example, there was the case of a private pilot flying in a single-engine airplane on a night solo cross-country flight, whilst under radar with Jacksonville approach, crashed into the sea somewhere around the area. Of course, the speculation was - the Bermuda Triangle factor! In reality, the NTSB attributed the probable cause to spatial disorientation - the main cause of accidents of a pilot who lacks experience in instrument flying. (He only had one hour solo night flying experience and the rest of his instrument flying times were under dual instruction. It was also a dark night with no visible horizon.) Spatial disorientation was also the cause of the JFK Junior crash – further away to the North of the Triangle. Had it been nearer, one would imagine what the speculation would be.

Do pilots still try to avoid this area? If they do, I believe they have to be those who are still obsessed with the Triangle mysteries. In reality, I see no reason why any pilots would avoid this Triangle if they have to fly through it.

In fact, from the Jeppesen Navigation Enroute Charts for pilots, there are five Airways that crisscross the Triangle. Of these, two (Airways B646, A637) connect air traffic from all over Florida to Bermuda. One from Nassau, Bahamas (Airways A555) links to San Juan and two more (Airways L435, L375) pass overhead the Triangle towards the African Continent. If the dangers of the Bermuda Triangle were true, the airspace above it would have been declared by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) as a prohibited airspace to enhance air safety!

What about stories of strong magnetic field there? Well, magnetic field exists all over the Globe at varying strength. Hence, pilots need to be aware of the variations in different part of the world when navigating in the air.

The Bermuda Triangle

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle


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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery
Dear Captain Lim

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery is not a mystery.
In matters aviation accidents - static electricity could be the reason. You as experienced captain be the judge.

Please read : http://www.users.bigpond.com...


Peter Staheli
Peter Staheli , 27 Dec, 2007
The Bermuda Triangle Mystery
Dear Peter,

If static electicity is the reason causing airplanes to crash over the Bermuda Triangle, ICAO would have declared the airspace above it to be totally prohibited. At the last count, there are 5 major airways criscrossing above the Bermuda Triangle.

Static electricity exists everywhere, especially in cumulonimbus clouds, not just over the Bermuda Triangle!

Thank you for your interesting contribution. smilies/smiley.gif
Captain Lim , 27 Dec, 2007
the bermuda triangle mystery
I think it is caused by methane hydrates, but i think the bermuda triangle is much different than any other part of the ocean.

Dear Captain Lim , 01 Aug, 2009
The Bermuda Triangle
There are planes and ships crashing unexplainably all around the world. I assume that people only choose to believe in myths like this and name it a mystery. All areas in an ocean have great potential force. Nothing so mysterious about that.

And by the way Sally, the Bermuda triangle is just the same as each other part of the ocean.
Unknown , 16 Aug, 2009
bermuda triangle
I think that people have heard so many myths about the Bermuda that they refuse to look deeper than those myths. they have absorbed in so much idodicy that they beleive it. most likely there is some reasonable scientific answer. it may alos be that the pilots beleive it when thay enter phsycologically altering their actions and do something wrong , expecting the worst.

-David Sinclair, age 15
David Sinclair , 22 Sep, 2009
Bermuda Triangle
I don't think that the Bermuda triangle is still dangerous to fly by. Many planes and ship vessels do travel in the same route and i would say that there is a particular place in the triangle where the planes and ships have a problem to pass through and its is a myth which requires scientific explanation.
Steve , 29 Jun, 2010
Bermuda Triangle
I don't think that the Bermuda triangle is still dangerous to fly by. Many planes and ship vessels do travel in the same route and i would say that there is a particular place in the triangle where the planes and ships have a problem to pass through and its is a myth which requires scientific explanation.
Steve , 29 Jun, 2010
mrs kishan
think i love kishan
miss mishan , 28 Jul, 2010
It was aliens, i am not even in any doubt
Brad , 03 Aug, 2010
Smarter than you obviously
Its not a mystery and static electricity is way of the problem is methane pockets in the floor of the ocean that are released and find them selves being released into our atmosphere and water resulting in engine explosions, fires and ceases. I am young and not a pilot and have never been to college it scares me you guys are and had no clue!!!
TJ , 20 Jul, 2011
bermuda triangle
it is nothing to worry just like the subjects of ghosts. i went through bermuda triangle once nothing happened to me

ronnin , 19 Aug, 2011
bermuda triangle
how about the dragons triangle its under japan, and planes and ships are not allowed pass there because ships and planes crash or sinks when they pass that place, and its along the line of bermuda triangle
asd , 03 Sep, 2011
this is good smilies/smiley.gif
lily , 15 Sep, 2011
omg, this is totally awesome, smilies/cheesy.gif
lily , 19 Sep, 2011
i think there are ghosts and devils
sumeet , 02 Oct, 2011
construct a remote controlled plane big enough with cameras on it that will transmit videos simultaneously as the plane flies......fly the plane across those areas where risk of disappearances are more+the places where pilot lindburg and others have experienced something supernatural........if something do happens,it will be transmitted by the cameras.......have this kinda experiments already been practised? If yes...then where are results of these kinda experiments available on net??
S.S.S. , 30 Oct, 2011
bermuda devil !!!
my thought about the place have been so horrible from the stories i was used to from childhood that i even thought it is the place devil crash-landed on when coming from heaven
Aborisade , 16 Nov, 2011
Mohammed Jihad
This source makes Bermuda Triangle seems like mystery area.
Derkha Derkha , 17 Mar, 2012
Hadron Colliders
I know the reason for the bermuda triangle sucking in airplanes. It's all to do with secret government experimentation with hadron colliders. The government plans to travel back in time and save the dinosaurs. However, the hadron colliders exploded while the governmental plane was flying over the bermuda triangle. So now anyone who goes there travels back in time.
Dr M.G Hadron , 17 Mar, 2012
I LIKE PIE smilies/grin.gif
Dr. Adam Smith , 20 Mar, 2012
2006 to 2012 only 2 hours
please tell me how can a person that is enjoying there boat trip in the triangle itself and in the middle of the day come across another boat thats named the ss cyclopes boad it in plain site just 3 miles off the coast of miami i only spent 30 minutes on that boat 30 minutes when i got back to the harbor poeple around me were shocked to see my boat and i slowly enter the area they asked me tons and tons of questions aboute how long i was gone for i told everybody around me that i was only gone for 2 hours you know what they told me i vanished in that abomination thing or whatever you like to call it for 6 years tell me how thats posible please now i live my life trying to understand what had happend and why
chuck , 09 May, 2012
Bermuda Triangle , Low-rated comment [Show]
mehak , 12 Aug, 2012
Bermuda triangle
I Think bermuda triangle is a way to go and arrival door of aliens or may be due to the very magnetic field is there.
Manvendra , 06 Dec, 2012
Bermuda facts
I think it is caused by methane hydrates, but i think the bermuda triangle is much different than any other part of the ocean.
Its not a mystery and static electricity is way of the problem is methane pockets in the floor of the ocean that are released and find them selves being released into our atmosphere and water resulting in engine explosions, fires and ceases.
Manvendra , 06 Dec, 2012
Whatever the reasons...
Whatever the reasons for the missing planes, people, minds its a place that no one can definitely explain so I have it on a bucket list to fly through it and boat through the 'Japanese Dragon', if that is its correct name. If I make it I make it, if I don't it will be the last thing on the B-List!!!! On another note, sites like this that are meant to explain things to people really do kind of have a way of emphasizing the mystery and curiousness of it...curiouser and curiouser
? , 10 Jan, 2013
bermuda triangle
stop being pussys and go
suck this dick , 18 Mar, 2013
who knows
these replies are rather comical, you have a bunch of conspiracy theorists against one hard nosed pilot and a handful of know it alls...and the guy who's been gone six years gave me a good laugh this morning. the dragons tail is complete 180 degrees from the triangle if you measure on the globe, do they have something in common, do aliens use these to power up their state of the art cow fart powered(cow farts are methane gas) war machines (or spaceships for those who think they'd come in peace) and go as they please from these areas? who knows, and how many people have died recently from a tail or triangle mystery....let's face it, this is an old shippers myth from a geologically active area. there's kids starving in the usa, among other places, maybe we can send them there and test your explanations of reason to reduce the debt to china??
dave , 26 Mar, 2013
Flying over
I went to Florida in 2004 and been to Mexico 3 times. I'm from the UK and all the time I went to them places either on the way there or way back we would have very bad turbulences. Always have them for a short period while flying over the Bermuda triangle. The pilot even said sorry for the discomfort of the turbulence we are just flying over the Bermuda triangle. This must show something's out there. Just a bit odd how we always got it flying over that area.
Amy , 06 Apr, 2013
What about flight 19. 5 avenger planes disapeared including a search plane
paddu , 29 Apr, 2013
i would love to go there and experience it 1st hand rather than listening people talking shit about it.
imran , 25 Jul, 2013
Lim, read it, and think about it.

I understand and respect what you are saying completely. I'm a bit confused though. Hasn't there been unexplainable things that have happened? And when anyone would try to explain it, it would not make sense. Hear me out real quick, I understand that within some people in society that things have to be explained. Take the triangle out of this equation for a quick second... Have you ever in your entire life have a "miracle" happen with you or someone that you cherish dearly? Think about it. Have you told a reasoning for how something happened and still questioned it in your mind? I surely hope so. Some things on this planet can not be explained. Say for example that the weather man said " no chances for showers the next couple of days" and a huge rain storm came over the next day. It's not the radar didn't catch it or the technology wasn't good enough or that the weather person was incorrect. It's something else that gave us rain clouds. Have you ever heard of someone being in a severely bad wreck or had a severely bad injury? But somehow, someway they survived it? Somehow, someway they got to live to tell it.

Have a good day.
Best regards.
.....-------.......--------....... , 23 Aug, 2013
Crazy theory
Maybe someone had a hard cock and crashed their plane because of the strong magnetic field
Johnny cakes , 10 Feb, 2014

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