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Home > Medical Examination > What happens when a pilot fails in his medical examination?
What happens when a pilot fails in his medical examination?
Pilot Career - Medical Examination
Sunday, 16 December 2007 18:58

Dear Mr Lim,

I find your website very informative - in fact, the best aviation information website I have seen so far! It answers real pertinent questions and manages aspiring pilots expectations well. Congratulations and keep it up!

I have read a FAQ on your website : How stringent is a pilot's medical check up? And would like to enquire further:

1. Does SIA have the most stringent medical standards for their pilots in the world?

2. How many Singapore-based pilots do not pass their medical examination yearly?

3. What happens to these pilots when they fail their medical?

4. What happens to their career as a pilot?

Thank You for your time!


Kong Suan

Hi Richard Kong,

1. I would not say SIA (Singapore Airlines) has the most stringent medical standards for pilots in the world but I believe that when they recruit new cadet pilots, they are very strict. What is acceptable for experienced SIA pilots would not be so for new trainees as the Airline has the prerogative in their choice of the best and the fittest.

2. I do not have the confidential information about how many SIA pilots fail their medical examination each year.

3. Most of the pilots are well insured against loss of license. When they fail their medicals, they will automatically lose their flying licenses. That would be the end of their flying career but some are just happy to collect the lump sum of money and start afresh doing a ground job.

4. What normally happens is, when a pilot is diagnosed as unfit, he would be grounded and be granted medical leave for as long as six months in order for him to regain his medical status. Meanwhile, the medical aviation doctor would refer him to a specialist for expert opinion. If his medical problem is treatable, the aviation medicine doctor may, after consultation with the specialist, reinstate the pilot to flying duties. However, when a pilot loses his license on medical grounds, his service would be terminated by the company unless there is an alternative ground employment being offered to him.


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can a smoker be a pilot?
i've gt questions here regarding smoker's.

1.Can a smoker be a pilot?

2.In a medical report, what happen's if it states that, the particular person who wants to be a pilot, is a smoker?

Esh , 10 May, 2009
kigney disease
Can a person with a kidney disease be a pilot.
ajai , 31 Jan, 2012

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