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Home > Female Pilots > Can female pilots have successful marriages?
Can female pilots have successful marriages?
Pilot Career - Female Pilots
Sunday, 13 April 2008 01:43

Hi Captain Lim,

I have read some of your responses to ladies aspiring to be pilots. However, there are a few things they never seem to ask. I know airline pilots can be very busy and I always wonder if it is possible for lady pilots to maintain fulfilling relationships with the opposite sex.

Is it even possible for then to have successful marriages considering the traditional roles of women. Can they even have children?



Hi Naketa,

Whether female pilots will have successful marriages would generally depend on the kind of airline operations they would be on - long haul, short haul, domestic or regional low cost carriers. Flying in the main airlines is normally less hectic than flying with a low cost carrier.

Well, this is not to say that an airline lady pilot (Captain or First Officer) is less likely to maintain fulfilling relationships with the opposite sex or to have a successful marriage when she is in any of the above operations. Each has its own problem. For instance, long haul flying would entail being away from home for a fairly long period of time each month. Although those on domestic or regional carriers are home most days, they do fly more hours on shorter sectors. So these would impose some difficulties on the traditional roles of women in raising a family.

Whether they can have children would depend on the company's policy. Some would apply the same rules as those of the Flight Attendants whilst others may impose some restrictions. Previously, a lady pilot who became pregnant would be grounded instantly but in the UK, it seems that she can now fly up to the middle trimester (4 to 6 months of pregnancy).

The chances of a lady pilot marrying another pilot are high due to the nature of their work. So when the question of starting a family arises, which of the pilots would put the family on hold?  Many female pilots are in the same predicament - to raise a family or fly? Well, a few find that the grueling schedule of the airlines makes it very difficult to raise a family and would give up flying temporarily.

Yes, it is possible for female pilots to have successful marriages as long as they are aware of the problems that come with the job. There are unglamorous things such as, working at odd hours, stresses that come with checks and the maintenance of the flying currency after their maternity leave and many others.

I do not want to discourage you from becoming a pilot if that is the reason why you are asking me all these questions. Well, even with these issues, there are still many happy female pilots flying around. As one inspiring female pilot said about her interesting career, "Find something you enjoy doing and then find a way to do it for life! ...then, you'll never have to work - you're paid to have fun!"

Female Pilots in Pakistan Air Force


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women pilot and her marriage???
hm..i wants 2b a pilot bcoz im dying 2 be at the sky and flying a plane...so,,there was a time when i ACCIDENTLY thinks that maybe,,,after 5-6 years of flying,,i can quick my job and stay at home..taking care of my marriage...family..kids..chores etc..smilies/wink.gif
i know it sounds stupid,,well atleast i fly the plane already..smilies/kiss.gif
aida , 26 Feb, 2009
Female pilot can join the internation route?

I wanna know if any female can join sia regional wings nowadays?? can i join the international route??

Theresa , 27 Feb, 2009
how in the world...
Flying with a 4-6 months pregnant female pilot. Right. And that would be within sane limits because?...I am as feminist as any modern woman - up to a point.
cristina , 15 Jun, 2009
airline pilots wife , Low-rated comment [Show]
An Old Wives' Tale
As a commercial pilot, I can say that the post (by De) about male pilots sleeping around with flight attendants and female pilots is nothing but hogwash to the greatest extent.

I am positive that Captain Lim will agree with me and many other pilots on this matter. I have been flying for two decades and I have yet to meet any crew member on the flight deck who has slept with a flight attendant or has cheated on their partner.

Absolute ridiculous comment and generaliaation.
Jack Stanley , 04 Jul, 2009
Crew life , Low-rated comment [Show]
I have done it
I was a long haul captain before having my first child and my husband still is, and now I run my own flying school and the children are pretty much part of the furniture.

Also, in reply to crew life, perhaps you can't keep it in your pants, but most pilots are not so weak minded. I have been faithful since meeting my husband and that's with plenty of nights away and he has been too. I think you are a bit sad really.
Flying Mommy , 23 Sep, 2009
It is possible...
I am a commercial pilot (woman) and I am engaged to a cargo pilot (man). I have not cheated nor will I cheat on him. It is possible, but hard at times. My fiance has not cheated on me either. Living proof that you can keep your legs together ( or your dick in your pants) It's called self-control...maybe you should learn it sometime CabinCrew.
Cargo Woman , 31 Dec, 2010
I ready to shaadi larki pilot
I m ready to stay at home care kids, give full freedom to my wife, i didn't have chance to become pilot, born in France you can become pilot freely just with study and one Annual exam but never go untill, i hate math so i dream to have a wife who's pilot...... i am 26 (03-29-1985)

om namai shiva, waheguru
PRESSAN , 13 Jul, 2011
i think if you can manage your time with your family,nothing will happen in your marriage.you can live happily with your happy family
ila , 04 Dec, 2011
so awesome
My friend Erica is an 18 yr old Cathay Pacific cadet pilot, & this problem crossed her mind. she said she'll cross that bridge when she gets to it. She's flown a fair bit by now, & is the only girl in her class. A teenage girl flying a plane? Bad ass.
Claire , 14 May, 2012

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