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Home > General > What signs can I look for in this airline pilot that he would be faithful?
What signs can I look for in this airline pilot that he would be faithful?
Professional Pilots - General
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 11:10

Signs Your Man is Cheating On You

Dear Capt Lim,

I have just started dating an airline pilot and after searching on the Internet to see if pilots are faithful, I found they cheat - even the ones that seem to be "good guys".

I like this guy… He's fun... but I just can't take the chance of being hurt.

So what signs can I look for that he would be faithful?

He was married before and he told me his wife cheated on him and he is 51.



Dear Sharon,

I am not into this dating service of advising prospective singles to look for a future faithful husband. Your question should have been addressed to Aunty Jane or some professional marriage counsellors.

That said, airline pilots are just like any other professionals. There are some good and some not-so-good ones.

A quick Google search came out with this result if that would assist you in any way …

The 10 signs of infidelity are:-

1. More vain
2. Playing hide and seek
3. Traveling maniac
4. Great big spender
5. Internet addict
6. Schedule master
7. Too edgy especially on the phone
8. Inefficient performer in bed
9. Too hot to handle
10. Clean or dirty?

For more details of the above please read, Cheating Signs – Is Your Guy Faithful! here 

PS. To check for any latest updates or postings, you can follow my new Twitter at @CaptKHLim

What are the signs of cheating?


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they all cheat, it is the way pilots are.I am not kidding I am married to a pilot for 19 years. he cheated the entire marriage. RUN NO KIDDING. DON'T FALL FOR IT. smilies/angry.gif
kim faires , 26 Mar, 2012
Most of the time, men would say bad about their ex and would tell you how good you are compared to them and so on in order to make you happy. Actually, it is all lies.. Think twice or maybe observe his friends in order to know what is his real personalities.
Tim , 27 Mar, 2012
SWA Pilot Ex-Wife
I was married to a SWA pilot for 26 years. Do they cheat? Every time they get a chance. I thought my husband was a good and faithful man. Boy was I a fool. Well he was a even bigger fool. I took the family home, a third of his income permentaly and much more. I pretty much left him broke. So sad, because we were together a total of 35 years. For all of the FA's that want a impressive, wealthy pilot. Search Some where else. I wouldnt touch one with a ten foot pole!!!
Karen , 14 Apr, 2013
They all cheat
I agree with Sharon about the signs of infidelity. If things seem off. Think smart.. Just check into it. Its always better finding out sooner than later. Just Log into schedule with flight # and all crew members names, save pics too. then compare flights with an app called flight tracker.. pay attention to how long the "pilot eats dinner with "only" the captain or Fo some nights. Then some nights he says he looses his phone or it dis or he didn't hear the phone ring or even try & call me. I recently found out his Fb password and read the most heartbreaking words i've ever heard come out of his mouth. I loved & trusted him. I did my best to make him happy. He is a broken man. He loves me more than anything but I know that he will always be attracted to other women. He disagrees, I deserve respect... I deserve better.
Kristi , 12 Sep, 2015
They all cheat every chance they got!!
They will make you feel like you are special even though they do all the crazy cheating games behind your back !! I was a flight attendant dating a pilot I know it all how they behave really well..
Hannah , 10 Nov, 2017

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