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A successful SIA Cad
If anyone could answer to Imene's query that would

Can I be a pilot if
Anybody that has seizures can be a permanent stude

A successful SIA Cad
the deadline i guess it's the end of this februry,

Singapore Airlines P
Hello captain Lim , I am Ray . I would like

What are the eyesigh
sir i have -0.25 in my right eye and 0.75 in left

Spontaneous Pneumoth
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What are the cruisin
The idea that the earth is spinning is plain bulls

Singapore Airlines C
Hello Captain Lim, I am an Indian citizen, Engine

Spontaneous Pneumoth
my grandmother is 70 yrs. old also sugar patient.

Does a jet aircraft
From what I understood Flat earthers are just uned

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Home > Becoming a Pilot > Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot Program (India)
Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot Program (India)
Pilot Career - Becoming a Pilot
Thursday, 07 April 2011 14:56

Singapore Airlines A380 takes off from London Heathrow

Hello Capt Lim,

Firstly I want to thank you for the amazing information put up on the website. I cannot thank you enough alt.

Before I get to my questions, let me share a bit of my history. I am from Mumbai, India and after completing my M.Sc in Information Technology, I pursued my CPL from the USA. I have an American as well as an Indian CPL with multi Instrument Rating. I also went on to get my Instructor's rating in India but due to family problems, I did not build up many hours. I now have 360 hours in all.

Recently, Singapore Airlines has come out with a cadet pilot program for Indian citizens who are graduates. Since I have completed my graduation and have a current and valid CPL, I have applied for the program. Will Singapore Airlines entertain my request as I have hours and a good academic degree? Will that put me in good stead? Or do they only select candidates who have 0 hours so that they can train them the way they want?

I have gone through your website on the SIA selection process. It has been quite helpful, thank you so much for that. Also, how do you see the airlines in India faring? Any tips on preparing for airlines like Jet Airways, Indigo Airlines etc.?

I also wanted to know how good it would be to do a rating on the B787 Dreamliner? Is it a worthwhile option, if so where would you recommend the rating to be done from?

I will be really grateful if you could answer these questions for me.

Warm Regards,


Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 takes of from Zurich

Hi Varun,

Singapore Airlines (click here) will entertain your request but ultimately you still have to prove yourself in the interview and selection process. Having a CPL is an advantage and as you are aware, they would rather choose a good candidate with no experience and train them the way they want it.

I believe air travel is India is expanding and airlines would require more pilots. However, I have read in the press lately that regulations have not been well enforced leading to the arrest of some pilots with fake flying hours and experiences.

Tips on preparing for the selection process are generally quite similar in most airlines and they are found in my site and the Forum (sorry, not very active)

It is a waste of money to do a rating on a Boeing 787-Dreamliner as most airlines would select their own pilots that are experienced and not one without experience on this very-advanced plane. Getting a rating on a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 would be a better idea.

I wish you all the best.


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any guess when the listed candidates will be notified?
Chris , 17 Apr, 2011
Same question here Captain... I applied on march 26th and the last date of submission was april 6th... I still haven't received any intimation yet... I've always aspired to become an Aviator and was overjoyed and felt blessed when i saw the news ad... Always a pleasure to speak to an Aviator, just hoped it would be face to face and not under such circumstances...
Shashank , 20 Apr, 2011

I have been through the process in 2007.

You will clear SIA process because SIA wants people who already are flying.

Best of luck.
Prashanth Poojary , 29 Apr, 2011

You will clear the SIA process.SIA only looks for people who have flying experience whether you have cleared all their administered tests are just for procedure.

I have been through the process in 2007.
Prashanth Poojary , 29 Apr, 2011
SIA cadet pilot prog ...
Hi ,
I just read some of the posts here & was wondering .... I have completed my CPL ME/IR holding a good 270+ hours of flying experience & a B.E. graduate degree. I have been called for the SIA 1st round of interview soon & was wondering if they would still send experienced candidates for their local flying training back in Singapore or are they upgraded directly to the type rating stage ???? Also since I have both flying experience & a graduation degree what are my chances ????
eagle , 29 Apr, 2011
Hello Capt Lim,

Thank you very much for responding to my query. I still haven't received a call from SIA alsthough i think i have met all the requirements for the same and some people in mumbai have already gotton a call for the 20-22nd may rounds at Grand Hyatt.

My status for the application has been shown as blank for the last couple of days. I am feeling bad and don't know what to do :-(

Any suggestions ?


Varun , 06 May, 2011
Hello Capt Lim,

Thank you very much for answering my query. However i still havn't received a call from SIA. According to me have met all the height, eyes and all the graduation requirements for SIA.

Do you happen to know about any age restrictions for SIA ? Any other suggestions ?



Varun , 06 May, 2011
sia cadet pilot program
hello Captain,
what are the chances of candidates with 0 hours of flying experience to be selected?

kind regards,
rahul , 07 May, 2011
Age limit
Hi Varun,

When the status is blank it means that you have not been rejected yet.Patience is one of the quality SQ is looking out for. I think you stand a fairly high chance as compared to the rest of the candidate since you already clocked some engine hours and attained a CPL. Age limit of 26 is only applicable for Singaporean (for people like me who is still waiting for the right age in order to apply). Unless you are a 16 year old boy (which is unlikely) which the HR may think that you are too young, you stand a pretty good chance. Maybe you should start preparing for your interview first. You have the advantage of a CPL but if you flunk the interview, SQ would probably choose a PPL holder who appears more prepared than you are. Choosing a fresh candidate from outside singapore is quite unlikely but not impossible. Good luck for your application. I hope we can be future colleagues. smilies/smiley.gif

B787 , 11 May, 2011
Hi Varun,
Cheer up mate.Keep the faith and dont lose hope .
As TSZ put it , the oppurtunity will come and thats when you need to grab it .

By the way whereabouts in Melbourne did u train.
Cheers CD
CD , 12 May, 2011
No Response from SIA as of yet

I still havn't received a call from SIA as of yet.The interviews in Mumbai are to be held between 20 and 22nd of May. My application status on the SIA website still shows blank.

If any of you get any information on the SIA CAdet pilot India ( Mumbai) process, please share.

Thank you T.S.Z for your response and am holding on. Hoping to get a response sooner rather than later and yes hoping to be future colleagues !

CD, I did my entire CPL training in San Diego, CA, USA.

Varun , 16 May, 2011
any idea how many people have been called for the interview in mumbai..
xyz , 19 May, 2011
done with the interview
@XYZ around 60 candidates a day

has anyone here appeared for the interview ? hw ws it ?
PV , 23 May, 2011

Are you the one who have completed the interview? how was it?

B787 , 25 May, 2011

I was just wondering how should i apply in to this program i have completed my cpl from canada and currently becomming a flight instructor .
javeria , 27 May, 2011
Didn't get a call from SIA
Hello Capt Lim,

I was really disappointed as SIA did not call me for the interviews held in Mumbai. I got an automated email saying that my application was rejected without interview.

To say the least, i was really distressed but i guess there is no point in thinking about it now.Still have no idea why i didn't even get a call from them as i already have an Indian & FAA CPL with multi-inst, AFIR rating, Indian & FAA medical, 6 ft tall, eye sight meeting the criteria.

Any one has any guesses ?


Varun , 27 May, 2011
Everyday i hope for an email from SIA about the call..

Still waiting for...
Chris , 27 May, 2011
called for interview
hello every one today I got a email for first round of interview on 25 June in Delhi. Can anyone tell me what they asked in mumbai.
RST , 10 Jun, 2011
During interview they ask general questions abt your self abt flying and one ot two techinal questions.Just be honest and confidient during interview.All Is Well
Ajit , 13 Jun, 2011
hi i just wanna know i am pursing civil engg from india and after that i want to be an aviator tell me what is the procedure if sia after graduation..
ashima , 07 Jul, 2011

Is there selection for Cadet pilot program happening with any airlines (India/Abroad for Indian citizens) any time soon ?

Ankit , 18 Aug, 2011
Hello Capt Lim,

I would like to know are there any airlines across globe going to intake for cadet pilot program for indian citizen ?
Ankit , 18 Aug, 2011
hallo $ir,
i have completed my engineering in ece
i would like to pur$ue my career in flying, i have no eperience and no licence
i would like you to guide me accordingly in pur$uing my pa$$ion

nare$h , 24 Dec, 2011
wanted to start career in aviation
Hello Capt Lim,
iam vinay from hyderabad. i completed my graduation in mechanical engineering. now i wanted to start my career in aviation. iam very passionate to become a pilot.Sir, can u suggest me a good school.is it better idea to join a cadet pilot programme..? if so, which airline cadet programme can be a better choice?
vinay , 18 Jan, 2012
Automated rejection reply
Hello Capt.Lim,
My name is Macclaud and I am from Chennai, I have done 50hrs of flying in New Zealand and currently work for Flight Operations in Jet Airways(I)Ltd. I got a call from SIA for the cadet programme in 2007, but as I was in NZ at that time I could nt attend the interview, I again applied in 2011, but got an automated rejection reply from SIA. I sent them an email equiring about the same,but got no response. I am 29yrs old now. Do you think I can still apply? What are my chances?

Regards Macc smilies/smiley.gif
Macclaud Misquith , 21 Feb, 2012
Automated Rejection Msg
Hello Capt.Lim,
My name is Macclaud and I am from Chennai, I have done 50hrs of flying in New Zealand and currently work for Flight Operations in Jet Airways(I)Ltd. I got a call from SIA for the cadet programme in 2007, but as I was in NZ at that time I could nt attend the interview, I again applied in 2011, but got an automated rejection reply from SIA. I sent them an email equiring about the same,but got no response. I am 29yrs old now. Do you think I can still apply? What are my chances?

Regards Macc
Macclaud , 23 Feb, 2012
cadet pilot proramme
my i know when is the opening date for applying cadet pilot programme for the year 2012.
sharath kumar , 06 Mar, 2012
cadet pilot programme call per
Hi sir , I am murugesh completed B.E Aeronautical with 90% in the year 2011 , and i would like to become a pilot ,
could any one tell about the cadet pilot program me and when they call
murugesh , 20 Mar, 2012
Hi Capt. Lim,
This is really great that you are so helpfull by responding to every questions and replying them.Thank you a lot sir.

Sir i was taking CPL training in one of the Australian flying college but due to some family financial problems. I was unable to complete my course only with 42 hours of my flying and now a days i am in Singapore on student pass after looking no possibilities of getting CPL training.I enrolled my self in Diploma course to study in singapore.
Sir is there any possibilities for me to attend an interview in singapore and my age is 25yrs and 5 months.
Thank you sir

With regards,
Amit , 23 May, 2012
query for fresh pilots
HI Im commercial single engine pilot and will continue towards Multi engine ...are there any posibilities to get pilot job in your airlines..
annie , 20 Oct, 2012
CADET Pilot program
Hai captain lim ,
can you give me a brief idea about the procedures that i must follow to appear for the CADET Pilot program.

With warm regards'
Arjun , 21 Nov, 2012
aplying for cadetship
Its Avi from Australia. I am an Indian citizen, training for my CPL in Adelaide in Australia. I tried applying for cadet ship program but was unable to find it. Is anyone able to please guide me in any way possible.

Avi , 04 Feb, 2013
be come capaint
hello, i'am malaysian i'just pass (srp)secndriy onliy we' mach be come capaint??? any ponsorship? to sudy cusce??
samsuddin , 21 Jun, 2013
cadet programs
sir, is this cadet program still going on. i am very much interested in joining a cadet program. please help me

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
faizan , 21 Dec, 2013
cadet pilot program
Capt, I am an indian ,I cleared navigation paper in india and iam yet to fly. Iam so passionate about my flying and I like to know about singapore airways cadet pilot program. Is it possible to join as a cadet pilot in singapore airway. And what things I should do for the programing.
( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Anandavarma , 15 Jun, 2014
becoming an airline pilot
I am currently pursuing aerospace avionics course age 25 turning 26 this year I'll be graduating in 3 months. becoming a pilot it's been my dream career, but I'm not rich to self sponsor for pilot training. I'm eagerly looking for scholarship who can sponsor me for pilot training. I never been to any academic schools, because my education was deprived by , Singapore Immigration due to some prejudism against Indians it's been a protracting story of mine. Therefore I started education at very late stage. Will I be able to get scholarship for pilot course with any of the airlines in, Singapore?
Ramesh , 03 Jan, 2015
Mr Lakio
I m from PNG and I want to become a pilot so how is application fee and send in PNG Kina.
Nelson Lakio , 25 Nov, 2015
Building Hours and then becoming a pilot - India
I see a lot of Indian Pilot aspirants here and wanted to share that what is most important is to have flying hours. Merely 300 hours rarely gets you a job. When I joined OneAviation.in through their multi engine+ flight instructor program, it was clearly articulated that you have to become a flight instructor and build hours else its impossible to secure a job.
Andrew Williams , 14 Jun, 2016
I would like to know the 100% sponsored pilot training in singapore flying college.
Hello Captain Lim,

I am an Indian citizen, Engineering graduate aspiring to become a pilot in SIA.
It would really be helpful if you can share the selection criteria and procedure to get admitted in this college with 100% sponsorship.

Pramnath Adibagavane.
( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Pramnath Adibagavane , 02 Jan, 2018

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