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Home > Becoming a Pilot > Applying to SIA with or without a CPL
Applying to SIA with or without a CPL
Pilot Career - Becoming a Pilot
Friday, 29 May 2009 12:48

Hi Captain Lim,

It's great to have a veteran like you providing such useful information to help out aspiring pilots.

I did not want to bother you because I know how busy you are but I have some questions that I am sure, will help the others that frequents your website.

Firstly, from CAAS website, it states that only CPLs acquired from the Singapore Flying College is recognized. CPLs from overseas would have to apply for conversion. But pilots who have gotten their CPL through Massey University together with the Bachelor of Aviation of New Zealand may have a higher chance of conversion as it is the only University that has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CAAS. Do you know of any fellow pilots that have been graduated from there and successfully entered SIA? What are the chances of that happening?

And if I am applying with that CPL and degree, which phase will I start at?

Secondly, I have heard that applying to SIA with a CPL may prove to be a disadvantage, as SIA wants their pilots to be trained from the start, I would guess it’s a sort of quality control, to ensure their pilots are of the same standard and follows similar protocols. So CPL holders may end up getting rejected as they skip certain phases of the flight training. Is this true? If it is then it will be disastrous as the public's common thought when they want to be airline pilots would be to acquire a CPL to boost their chances.

Thirdly, to say the honest truth, I have just been cut from air force as a pilot trainee, and right now I have been told that SIA would prefer cadet pilots to be Ex-officers in NS, and Sergeants stand a much lower chance. Of course it will be better if the applicant was an officer, but is the impact of this big, or is it just a "nice to have" factor?

Its getting lengthy, I think I should stop.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Jack,

I do not have any figures of ex-Massey University graduates who are currently SIA pilots but I believe those who met the entry requirements and passed the selection process are certainly absorbed into the airlines without any discrimination. Yes, those with CPL obtained from overseas would still have to apply for conversion.

If you are successfully hired by SIA with a CPL and a degree, it is up to their discretion to treat you just like any new applicants or put you in an abridged course.

You are right about SIA quality control of cadet pilots. I have mentioned before that not any Tom, Dick or Harry with a CPL (or Frozen ATPL) will be hired. They still have to go through the screening process. So any candidates without a CPL will still have just as good a chance to be selected provided they meet the pre-requisites of SIA.

Naturally, SIA would give preference to ex-Air Force pilots who meet the requirements whether they are previously Officers or Sergeants. After all, they have served in the National Service and that is why Singaporeans must be at least 26 years old before they can apply to join SIA.

I wish you all the best in your future flying endeavors alt.


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I remeber when i were just 8 years old and i flied to New York with my brother by Air France Concorde.
I realised that one of the windows had crack in its side, when we were flied about 30 minutes. what would have this made. Crack was about as long as finger nail, and it was shaped like tree or lightning.
What would this have made?

Sam , 14 Jun, 2009
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
.. , Low-rated comment [Show]
Singapore Flying College CPL/ATPL (Frozen) more marketable to SIA compared to CPL/ATPL (Frozen) from Australian flying schools? , Low-rated comment [Show]
Singapore Flying College CPL/ATPL (Frozen) more marketable to SIA compared to CPL/ATPL (Frozen) from Australian flying schools?
Hi Captain Lim,

I'm currently an undergrad in NTU in my final year of studies and intend to do a self sponsored CPL/ATPL course immediately after I graduate. I have always wanted to be a pilot since I was a kid so this is something I absolutely wanna do.

However, currently I'm contemplating between applying to Singapore Flying College as a self sponsored student and going over to one of the flying schools in Australia (schools in mind include Basair, Adelaide FS) to obtain my CPL/ATPL.

It seems like the Singapore option is much more expensive compared to the Australian option. However if I go for the Singapore option, does that make me more marketable to the Singapore based carriers such as SIA, Silkair, Tiger?

My ultimate aim is definately to become a F/T commercial pilot plying my trade in the skies.

Thank You. Looking forward to hear from you Captain Lim!
Aspiring Commercial Pilot , 29 Aug, 2009
attn to pilot : it is best if you go and fly kite.
attn to pilot : it is best if you go and fly kite.
Dreamer , 01 Apr, 2012
Hi Captain Lim ,
I am a Malaysian citizen and I am in Accounting stream . I do not have Pure Science , Biology , Chemistry , Add Mathematics or Geography . Is it possible for me to become a Pilot for Singapore Airlines ? Are the chances high or low ?

Sincerly ,
Worried Student
Elijah , 08 Apr, 2012

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