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A successful SIA Cad
If anyone could answer to Imene's query that would

Can I be a pilot if
Anybody that has seizures can be a permanent stude

A successful SIA Cad
the deadline i guess it's the end of this februry,

Singapore Airlines P
Hello captain Lim , I am Ray . I would like

What are the eyesigh
sir i have -0.25 in my right eye and 0.75 in left

Spontaneous Pneumoth
I'm not a doctor or anything, @chinmay, so I can't

What are the cruisin
The idea that the earth is spinning is plain bulls

Singapore Airlines C
Hello Captain Lim, I am an Indian citizen, Engine

Spontaneous Pneumoth
my grandmother is 70 yrs. old also sugar patient.

Does a jet aircraft
From what I understood Flat earthers are just uned

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Home > Training > Which flying school in Malaysia would you recommend?
Which flying school in Malaysia would you recommend?
Pilot Career - Training Schools
Friday, 28 December 2007 19:47

Hi Captain Lim,

I was wondering which flying school you attended. Well nowadays, Malaysia Airlines no longer send their cadets to train overseas, so could you recommend which local flying school is the best for me.

I am asking you because, from my point of view, the best pilot must come from the best flying school. I heard about MFA, HM Aerospace and APFT in Kota Bharu but I have no idea which one to go to.

I really hope you can help me decide. Gracias!
P.S. I'm just 16 years old.

Yours sincerely,


Hi Syazwan,

Whilst it is true that the best pilot must normally come from the best flying school, the reality is that, the individual character of the aspiring pilot plays a very important part as to how he would turn out in the end. If you are not hardworking or resourceful, the best flying school will find it very hard to make you a good pilot.  

Currently, there are three flying schools in Malaysia offering courses up to CPL/IR (Frozen ATPL) to enable one to join the airlines.

Malaysian Flying Academy (MFA) in Malacca is the oldest, followed by HM Aerospace (HMA) in Langkawi and the third one is Asia Pacific Flight Training (AFPT) at Kota Bharu.

From what I can observe, HMA is the largest and has the best flying equipment (aircraft and flight simulator) for flight training.

You can visit their websites, read their FAQ and check on the facilities provided (click on the links above). Thereafter, make your own decision base on your convenience and financial standing. On the average, the cost of training for the CPL with IR (Frozen ATPL) is around RM 250,000.

By the way, I was trained in the United Kingdom many years ago using older technology on conventional flight instruments but HMA students today are being introduced to EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System). You have the advantage here as all modern airliners are equipped with EFIS.

I wish you all the best in your future flying career.

The Cost of Flight School
Choosing a Flight School


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plz guide me with my Indian and Casa CPL with IR , Low-rated comment [Show]
Economy downturn, affects employment of pilots, or not? , Low-rated comment [Show]
Really great resources!
Thanks captain for your good posting and information.it is really great.

Oh yeah.I hope can join hmaerospace one day! smilies/smiley.gif
Wana , 06 Jan, 2010
Suffering because of wearing spectacles , Low-rated comment [Show]
Question , Low-rated comment [Show]
question , Low-rated comment [Show]
where is good for me to pursue my piloting liscence , Low-rated comment [Show]
How you can select the best flight school
There are lots of commercial flight learning centers which give all information about flight training programs and are helpful to choose the best suitable options for the candidates according to their requirements.

Flight Schools , 14 May, 2010
Which school is good for only PPL? , Low-rated comment [Show]
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
i need this job pleas help me
Rizwan , 25 Aug, 2010
Need job. , Low-rated comment [Show]
Hi captain.I am Precious from Nigeria and i have always had a dream of flying someday.Sir i would like to know how much it would cost me to attend an Aviation school in Malaysia.My E.mail is reshy1994@yahoo.com'>Preshy1994@yahoo.com
Olalere precious Steven , 29 Aug, 2010
PPL License , Low-rated comment [Show]
.... , Low-rated comment [Show]
Pilot As Career , Low-rated comment [Show]
Dear captain
sir im mugilan known as Agi_Mugi@ MJ.Agi. sir i need this job as pilot pleas help me.....i really interest in this job at last time and sincere too, but some changes im doin Higher diploma in software engineering, so command i would like to reality my dream to be pilot after finish my recent course... plz help me sir....(agilann_18@yahoo.com) my contact nom 0173238721.i wan be a pilot as proper after finish my diploma in software,plzz sir.......smilies/cool.gifsmilies/cool.gifsmilies/cool.gif
Agi_Mugi@ MJ.Agi , 21 Jan, 2011
wan be a pilot after finish my recent course Higher Diploma in software engineering finis within this year>>>soon
smilies/cool.gifSir pilot is my 1 job>>>>>uncontrobely im doin a software in computing...help me plz....
Agi_Mugi@ MJ.Agi 18 , 21 Jan, 2011
Help me
Dear,Cpt Lim,
I hold CPL,INSTRUMENT RATING FROM Iran civil aviation organization (ICAO)with 200 hours total flight time,and i would like to continue my job as a flight instructor course in other country such as flight school in malaysia,is it possible for me to participate in flight instructor course?can i find job with this position?
Mohammad , 30 Jan, 2011
mohammad from iran
please send me through mohammad_b7772hotmail.com
Mohammad , 30 Jan, 2011
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
scholarships , Low-rated comment [Show]
Seeking for answer , Low-rated comment [Show]
hi captain lim
i got my results spm allready . but my subjek bi is D . i got 5crdt , will I be accepted ???? this is my email deanyakuza@yahoo.com.au
Dean , 16 Apr, 2011
hi mr lim , Low-rated comment [Show]
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
searching for finance , Low-rated comment [Show]
how to be a pilot..???
hi captain..

i'm aiman,16 years old.
i want to be pilot..but i don't know how..i don't know where the college..i don't know evrythng..can u help me???
afif aiman , 31 May, 2011
all about pilot....
hello captain..

i'm ainin.i'm 17 years old...
i really want to be a pilot but i think it's quit difficult especially for a girl like me.
do you think i have a chance to be a pilot??????
ainin , 20 Jun, 2011
problems with eyes , Low-rated comment [Show]
Flight schools in Europe
Hi Captain,

There are indeed a lot of options! The best way to find out is to compare and visit the interesting Flight schools... For the comparison part, here is a nice new european flight school directory: http://www.become-pilot.com


Jeremy , 24 Jul, 2011
subjects other than physics
hi captain,

i'm amirul.i'm just 16 years old...
i really want be a pilot but I do not have my physics subject is science moden only.Do I have the chance to go to pilot school and became the pilot??
amirul , 05 Aug, 2011
Airline Pilot
Hi cpt,my name is Umar..am 18 years old studying aircraft engineering at Shenyang Aerospace University..Am really want to become an airline pilot after my BSC engineering..Please what is my advantage of studying Aircraft engineering in d field of Aviation??
Umar , 21 Aug, 2011
have dangeroes in study flight and how many years have to study
Good Morning,captain, my name is Wong T.Y......15 years old,my amdition is to become a pilot,but i flew scard because my uncle son "Wong Tian Yu have bought an accident in Manila.He is an insturtor.hOW MANY YEAR HAVE TO STUDY.mY FATHER IS AN CILVER ENGINNEER,HE GIVE ME SOME ADVICED TO BECOME A PILOT
wong tien yip , 15 Sep, 2011
Job for PPL student
Dear Sir,
I just got my PPL from GGIFA Malaysia , and for the time being try to get a job at any flying club (preferrably in Malaysia). May kindly advise me. Tq
Ummar Abdul-Qadir , 28 Nov, 2011
want to be a Pilot
hello captain,
i'm really admire you, because of your job. exactly its my dream to become a pilot. now i'm waiting the result of spm. after that, ill try to find the best academy for pilot. could you help me suggest please? thanx very much CAPTAIN.
erickson , 01 Dec, 2011
hi pilots
i wanted to know how long does it take to be a pilot a commercial one thanks.
vinay , 04 Dec, 2011
looking for scholarships , Low-rated comment [Show]
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
is it possible for me to be a pilot? , Low-rated comment [Show]
Strike wing aviation
PPL+CPL+IR+ME £20,487.09 GBP - $32,000 USD - €23,969.34 EUR

Course duration: 6 Months Commercial Pilot Course with Instrument and Multi-Engine Rating.

All package includes food, accommodation,Ground School, Visa Extension, Student Study Permit, Medical Examinations, Special Clearance (NBI), Radio License (NTC), Uniform, JAA ATPL books, JAA private, commercial, multi engine videos dvd, ASA Pilot kit , All fuel and landing fees,

Total Actual Flying Hours: 200 hours
Strike wing aviation , 29 Feb, 2012
Hi Captain,

Im waiting for spm result. Im interested in being a pilot and going to the flying academy. I love physics & english. But the problem is I cant afford to pay for the flying school. Just had a call from a flying training school yesterday and I was invited to go to their talk. Really looking forward to it. Im a girl. My height is only 155 CM.

Any advice? And is it possible to get scholarship?
E. , 01 Mar, 2012
financial problem:( , Low-rated comment [Show]
result SPM to pilot school
hi cpt, my name is hazim i from malaysia go to the pilot school result SPM 8A
Muhd Hazim , 27 Mar, 2012
hye captain . i have 250hours flying with MAS (Malaysia Airlines System ) . now , do i interest with overseas company like US and GB . which one you prefer for me captain ?
captain confuse , 22 May, 2012
Flying school in KL
Hi Captain,
Pls check outt Air adventure Flying Club based out of Subang.call Andreas on 013-7232345. Got a piper warrior ii (160hp) with a last posted hire rate of RM550 per hour( subject to change with fuel).thx. Friendliest flying club ever.there have c152,c172as well
Terrence Chaw , 29 May, 2012
i want to be come a pilot
helo cpt.im abt 2 finish my secondary sch,i always dream 4 aviation sch bt sir i ned 2 know hw many years wl i do 2 be come a pilot and sme one tel me that first i hv to knw my blod group nd we checkt in the hospitalmy blod group is groupB so can i be a pilot wth ds blod group nd i ned knw wht ar the medical requirement for a pilot.thank u for this atenion. This my email:faisalminangi@yahoo.com
faisal saleh minangi , 29 May, 2012
how to become a flight engineer
hi capt lim,i am 16 this year and hope to futhur studies in flight engineering after my spm.may i know which university provides flight engineering courses whether in malaysia and also other countries?which university is the best?email:lighting1917@hotmail.com...thanks capt have a nice day
lin ka yek , 15 Jun, 2012
how to become a flight engineer?
hi capt lim,i am 16 this year and hope to futhur studies in flight engineering after my spm.may i know which university provides flight engineering courses whether in malaysia and also other countries?which university is the best?email:lighting1917@hotmail.com...thanks capt have a nice day
lin ka yek , 15 Jun, 2012
How can i become a Pilot?
Hello capt Lim,i am 15 this year. I want to be a Pilot since i was 6 and i want to know which University is the best?
Email:Buntheaninn@ovi.com...Thank Capt Welcome for your word.smilies/smiley.gif
Hin Buntheaninn , 12 Jul, 2012
Deepika Sharma , 19 Jul, 2012
Deepika Sharma , 19 Jul, 2012
What The Requirment To Be A Pilot
Hai Capt Lim...Im 17 years old...im having SPM this year~
Can i ask...What the requirment to be a pilot?And i sadly because
i got short sightness 100 above...So..Can i still be a pilot?This is
my dream...I hope captain lim can help me...Give some advice
for me...im trying to reduce me sightness…but it taking a long time…
So any suggestion for me?
Captain Lim , 27 Aug, 2012
i want to study airline but in yemen not find
abrahem , 07 Sep, 2012
yemen aden
i want to study the flying school in malisay and my country is not help me to study .
abrahem , 07 Sep, 2012
looking the scholarship for pilot
hai Capt. Lim
my name is Sandy, my ambitious is being a pilot someday, but i have my own problem about ill prepare in my economycaly condition. did u know any flying school offer scholarship right now? anyway, im not malaysian, but i just parmanet residence in malaysia. hopefully u can answer my question Capt. Lim Sandy Firmanand archive my dream...

Sandy Firman
Sandy F , 27 Sep, 2012
What I chose??????
What is the difference between New Zeland(Golden Wings) flight training school and Malaysia(Asia Pacific) flight training school?Why the coast of flight school is the same?
My name is Aung Phyo Zaw(Myanmar) , 07 Feb, 2013
the cost
hai capt lim.
Is there any scholarahip that you know which can help me to study in this course.i really want to be a pilot. I come from a moderate family.thats y im seeking for the scholarship.
Please email me at acha_gurlz@yahoo.com
ACA , 14 Feb, 2013
aeroplane mechanic
Hello captain.I'm 17 year old. And I wish to be a aircraft mechanic ,what subject are important .I'm saint class student. thx
kahquan , 25 Apr, 2013
Need Help. Students that have a big dream
Hi Captain Lim,

I'm Fauzan from Seremban and I'm 17 years old. I'm now study at Technical Institute. I'm taking Mechanical Engineering course.

I would like to ask you something about to be a pilot. What I should do after SPM in order to be pilot. Could you recommend me which local flying school is the best for me to go. By the way, in which subjects that I need to focus and get a scholarship.

To be a pilot is my dream since I was birth. And I hope you can give me some tips to be a successful pilot.

Ahmad Fauzan
Email me if you have time

I hope you answer my question captain.
Fauzan Hamid , 26 Jun, 2013
Hi Captain Lim,

Can you tell me more about All Asia Aviation Academy‎ (AAAA). I'm about to get enrolled to start my flying carrier.

Please email me via

Kind Regards.
Bethuel , 07 Oct, 2013
need to learn aeronautics in early age
hi captain lim . im just 15 years old.Is that i can get a flying school for my age?? pls email me
subash , 08 Dec, 2013
how to apply an airline in overseas
Hi,captain I'm 16 year old ,so I want to ask how to apply an airline in overseas smilies/smiley.gif

please email me
kennethwong , 26 May, 2014
Feeling Worried
Hi captain, my name is farisyah and next year im having my Alevels . It is possible for me to enter aviation academy if i dont have any physics background. But currently im doing the core subjects which is bio ,chem and further maths.
farisyah , 05 Oct, 2014
Which flying school is best.
Hi Captain Lim,

I would like to ask as I have been offered an offer letter from APFT and I have been offered to take up the loan from Bank Rakyat to fund for this frozen airline transport pilot license. Would it be good to take up this opportunity to pursue my dream of flying or I should apply for HMA vice versa.
I am not sure on which school is better and also should I take up this opportunity. Please help to advise.
Edward , 07 Oct, 2014
Sorry that I did not include in my email add for the earlier post.
My email add is annyx8492@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon.


Edward , 07 Oct, 2014
The cost of being a pilot
Hey i'm 16 year-old student and i have a dream to be a pilot. But the problem is the price cost. Is there any scholarships that i could get. After knowing the cost to be a pilot is more than RM200K, sometimes i get discouraged smilies/sad.gif
Johnston balan , 11 Nov, 2014
How can i apply to UK flying school ?
Hi captain Lim, i just want to ask you about how can i apply and study in UK flying school ? And become Airline Pilot at UK. Here my email. ayienstage@gmail.com
Khairusy , 18 Nov, 2014
what requirements and qualification if i want to be a civil pilot?
hello captain, i'm zul , now i'm working in private company as a executive assistant in malaysia. for me the job is wasn't matter, what i want is a satisfaction., become a pilot was my dream since childhood.. and i have no flying colours in my exam either. but i wont give up too early to chase my dream.. is there still any chance there for me to be a pilot? if you have opinion for my situation, please contact me at zulaam414@gmail.com. honestly, dont ignore my comment and i'm waiting. tq
zulhilmi , 17 Feb, 2015
about cpl
hi captain,i am very interested to b a pilot...i m 14 years old.is it worth to take a ppl when i m 17 and then take a cpl when i m 18?
jasjeet singh , 03 Mar, 2015
Hello captain. How about flying club for ppl license. Which one would you suggest? Tq
Ppl , 12 Mar, 2015
Qualification and cost of joining a pilot academy
Dear captain lim ,

Im Ikhmal and im 16 years old . I heard that if we want to be a pilot we have to take biology , physics , chemist and add math in our secondary school but im taking kesusasteraan melayu . Is it possible for me to become a pilot in the future ? And what are the real qualification required to be a pilot ? Im confused . and how much money does it take to enter a pilot academy ? Im very insterested of flying in the blue skies .
Ikhmal , 20 Mar, 2015
Financial issues.
Hi. Captain. I am Dinesh 22. I have completed my Dip.In.Engineering.I would always wanted to be a pilot but due to financial issues it had not been completed. Can I have some advice on any loans or scholarships availability. Thanks.
Dinesh , 30 May, 2015
Hi captain Lim,
I would like to ask wether if I got diabetes but under a very good control , am I eligible for first class medical certificate? Thank you
Maan Roy , 30 Aug, 2015
confuse too
Dear captain lim ,

Im Ikhmal and im 16 years old . I heard that if we want to be a pilot we have to take science stream and comas in our secondary school , but im taking science comas. Is it possible for me to become a pilot in the future ? And what are the real qualification required to be a pilot ? Im confused . and how much money does it take to enter a pilot academy ? Im very insterested of flying in the blue skies. here's my email arina.ukahsyah@gmail.com
Aisya , 25 Feb, 2016
How to be an airline pilot in a best school
dear Excellency Mr. captain Lim ;

I am a young student Djiboutian age 19 years with scientific series I have the honor to respectfully
request your high benevolence the favor of granting me Malaysian school of flying ; a wonderful country that I dream to pursue my line driving cycle studies (school of flying in malysia) I would like that chance.
Indeed, I hold a scientific option tray. Is it possible for me to become a pilot in the future ?
in the hope of a favorable response to my request, I you please accept Excellency, Mr Captain lim, I pray God to rise above professional success, I wait with patience to answer.
Contact: 77872729
Email: abdoomaraden@gmail.com
ABDO OMAR ADEN , 28 Mar, 2016
Hi Captain Lim,
I'm 16 years old and I'm having my IGCSE this year and then I'll be graduated from secondary school. I'm planning to go to the MFA for the CPL course but I'm only 17 years old by then. So my question is will that be a problem to me that I have to be 18 years old to take the course ?
Here's my email : wongjunquan77@hotmail.com
Jun Quan , 17 Jun, 2016
Private Pilot License
Hi Captain Lim,
I am a Legal Counsel at Malaysia Airlines Berhad and have experience working at Engineering & Maintenance Div (EMD). I would like to take up Private Pilot License.

Is there any flying school in SZB or KLIA that can provide part time course?
Want to be a pilot
Good Morning Captain Lim,

My name is Gaajethran and I wished to a pilot.But most of them forced me to do Engineering Technology in Avionics at UniKL MIAT. After I’m done with my diploma at UniKL can I be a pilot???Bcz I wished to be a pilot instead of an engineer.They said becoming avionics engineering will make you to become a pilot easy. IS THAT TRUE??

I will be waiting for ur reply.
Email ~ gaaje8899@hotmail.com
Gaajethran , 20 Dec, 2017

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38 Readers' Comments
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