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A successful SIA Cad
the deadline i guess it's the end of this februry,

Singapore Airlines P
Hello captain Lim , I am Ray . I would like

What are the eyesigh
sir i have -0.25 in my right eye and 0.75 in left

Spontaneous Pneumoth
I'm not a doctor or anything, @chinmay, so I can't

What are the cruisin
The idea that the earth is spinning is plain bulls

Singapore Airlines C
Hello Captain Lim, I am an Indian citizen, Engine

Spontaneous Pneumoth
my grandmother is 70 yrs. old also sugar patient.

Does a jet aircraft
From what I understood Flat earthers are just uned

A Boeing 777 can’t f
Aircraft airspeed systems measure how fast the air

When and how does th
I don’t know

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Home > Interviewing Process > Malaysia Airlines: A Wannabe sharing an interviewing experience
Malaysia Airlines: A Wannabe sharing an interviewing experience
Pilot Career - Interviewing Process
Thursday, 22 November 2007 10:04
Airline Career

I was the first one to be interviewed on 17th April with Malaysia Airlines. No one was around when I arrived at the office. No aircon at all. Damn warm. I saw the attendance sheet on top the clerk’s table, wanted to sign my name but shit...forgot to bring pen.. no clerk around to borrow pen, so I went to the HR office nearby to borrow one..haha.. just as I was about to sign on it, a gal appeared, should be the clerk I guessed.. she handed me a form, just to fill in personal particulars.. a guy walked towards the clerk and later he saw me filling in the form.

He said to me, “tak bawak tie ke?”. Ooops.. I forgot to wear my tie back cuz just now walked bloody far to get to the office from carpark and the office was very stuffy and warm! So I replied, “Oo..saya ada bawa tie..saya akan pakai tie saya kejap nanti.”. He gave me that kind of hopeless look.. shit.. no wonder he looked so familiar to me.. he was the HR guy who conducted my first and second test.. I was hoping tat he wun be one of the interviewer!

9 am passed already, interview still had not started. I later noticed a guy walked in and smiled at me. I smiled back and greeted him good morning. He greeted me back and later walked into the interview room.. so he was gonna be one of the interviewer.. glad I left a good first impression.. he called in the clerk to bring in a fan as the room itself was also hot and warm.. I overheard the clerk told the guy that the aircon rosak edi and would be fixed in a while.. 9.30am, two more guys entered the office and walked towards the interview room..and one of them instructed me to go in too as interview was going to start in a jiffy.

The 3 guys behind the table, one was the HR staff, Mr. X, the other two were Mr. Y and Mr. Z ( I don’t know the Y and Z positions as they only mentioned their name).

*By the way, I will only provide a few answers. It is better you think the answers yourself.*

X: Tell us a little about your background, family background, past achievements and how these achievements have shaped you today.
A: (You know the drill)

Y: Can you please explain to me how an aircraft flies? You can use the white board there to explain in more detail if you want.
A: (I drew the shape of an aerofoil, the forces acted towards it and then further explain how the theory applies. BUT, I did not mention the name “Bernoulli’s Principle as I wanted to mention it last!) ....This principle states that as the speed of the fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases and vice versa. ( I paused for a while before I continue. But before I could do so, Mr. Y interrupted)

Y: So this is your own theory huh?
A: This not my theory you see. This is...

Y: Next time when you talk, don’t stop halfway like tat! How do you think people gonna understand you if you talk lik that
A: Sorry. This is called the Principle of Bernoulli.

Y: Why do you choose MAS by the way? There are so many other airlines you can go. And there is one nearby offer a better salary. (you know which airline he meant)
A: (fill in the blank yourself..haha..)

Y: If you are offered a place in the management and not pilot, do you want to take it? Give reason.
A: I will have to reject that offer because my drive and my passion are towards becoming a pilot. I do not have interest in the management field.

Y: What if MAS offer you a place..hmmm.. like aeronautic engineer?Not a bad choice.
A: I will reject the offer and apply to be a pilot at other airlines. This is my passion and I will not give up easily pursuing it.

Y: What do you see yourself in ten years time if you are chosen as a pilot?
A: If there is luck, I see myself…

Y: Dun talk to me bout luck or no luck. Just answer me directly.
A: (a shocking interruption.. if u cant control ur reaction, they sure will notice the change your in facial expression..sort of like to pressure me little, but I remained calm.) Sorry, I see myself as the captain of B777 in ten years time.

Y: Well, what do you see yourself in ten years time if you can never be a pilot?
A: I will pursue my tertiary studies in aeronautical engineering and work as an aeronautical engineer.

Z: What is your hobby?
Y: tengok pompuan ya?? Hahahhaha..
A: hahaha..nope..my hobby is cooking. (their eyes become big..just like what I guessed.. anyway.. I elaborated on what I have learnt from cooking such as experimenting on new recipes and do research on how to improve the taste, so on and so forth.. I talked about 5mins only.. I have a fren who went for interview too and he said fishing is his hobby, they chatted with him for around 10mins.. but they did not chat with me..haha..)

Y: Anyway, what do you do everyday?
A: I normally read newspaper and surfing the net to do research on various issues such as aircrafts and environments and recipes. Besides that, I help my mum fetch my siblings to school.

Y: Ooo. Interesting. So you read newspaper everyday huh. Now tell me what is the name of the soon-to-be-installed Agong?
A: (Luckily I read that news before) Tuanku Mizan.

Y: Then which state is he from?
A: (I did not notice the news mentioned about Agong’s state of origin. Rather than saying” I don’t know”, I chose to ask permission to make a guess.) Can I make a guess?

Z: Sure.
A: Pahang.

Z: Wrong. One more try.
A: Kedah. (hoping silently gonna correct)

Z: Forget it. Let’s move on to next question.
A: (in my mind, I was like “shit”..)

Z: Now, when is he gonna be installed?
A: 26th April.

Z: (He smiled and said) This one you confirm know-lah. Holiday takkan tak tau pulak. Hahahah..
A: (I know the date not because of that!! But I was not tempted to retaliate after thinking twice. Just laugh together with them.)

Y: Well, let say Agong is one of your passengers. How are you going to address His Majesty onboard?
A: (This one is tough. I really bengang a while thinking the answer) Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Y: Wrong. I give you a clue. DYMM.
A: Ooo.. Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di-Pertuan Agong!!

Y: Wrong. It’s actually Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong!
A: ( I “ooo” another time and nodded in agreement.)

Y: Do you know why we should address the royalties properly onboard? ( He sounded dead serious) Sebab kalau kita cakap salah, kita kan kene “buang negeri”! And, that is a serious offence. Ok?
A: Yes. I will remember that. ( I nodded again)

Z: Tell me a little about MAS history? Answer in BM please.
A: (well..luckily I did memorize its history BUT I did not prepare to answer in BM.) MAS bermula sebagai Malayan Airways Limited pada 12 October 1937…. (before I could continue…..)

Z: Ok. Cukup tu. You hafal semua tu dari website kan? Tak payah bazir masa pada tu. (Bloody hell!) Now let’s move on to next ques. MAS ada berapa buah kapal terbang?
A: MAS mempunyai……….. (I listed out the info according to MAS website.)

Y: What is MAS latest and hottest topic right now? You said you read newspaper everyday right? Sure no problem in this question. (he smiled)
A: (with confidence) MAS business turnaround plan by Mr idris jala!

Y: (He stopped smiling) That news was like so long time ago! A clue for you. Anak syarikat MAS.
A: oooo... fireflyz.. (thinking I correct edi.. but..)

Y: eh, that is the website name-lah.. Firefly!!
A: (ooopss.. now I realize I read newspaper but din pay much attention to details!..dun repeat my stupid mistake..) Ok.

Y: So what does this Firefly do anyway?
A: ( I answered this correctly..not gonna tell you guys about the answer though..haha.. for those who do not know yet, do some homework now)

Y: Pada pendapat anda, patutkah Airasia menyerahkan kembali “rural air services” kepada MAS? Mereka beberapa bulan lalu beria-ia hendakkan perkhidmatan itu, tapi sekarang nak pulangkan balik pulak.
A: Should I answer in BM or English? (-_-“” what the hell was I thinking that time?! I asked that stupid question for what?! I think my brain couldn’t function properly and lost of common sense! And you can guess what was his reaction)

Y: Saya tanya BM , you jawab BM lah!
A: Sorry. Pada pendapat saya…. ( well, this requires your own opinion of course and I dun think it has right or wrong answer.. But my answer is more pro-MAS.. haha.. anyway, dun just say patut or tak patut.. elaborate your answer although he din ask..)

Y: Anda tahu tak kenapa kita mahu anda jawab dalam bahasa melayu?
A: (I answered wif confidence but still mix up wif a little english) Ya. Sebab juruterbang MAS biasanya engage dalam penerbangan domestik.

Y: Tak tepat. Hal ini kerana apabila anda onboard, anda perlu menyampaikan pengumuman dalam bahasa melayu terlebih dahulu. Dan kemudian baru dalam bahasa inggeris. Kalau anda sebagai juruterbang MAS tidak tahu bercakap petah dalam BM, anda tidak mencerminkan identiti anda sebagai rakyat Malaysia! Cuba imagine apa yang akan timbul dalam minda para penumpang kalau anda tidak petah bercakap dalam BM. Bukan sahaja penumpang dari Malaysia, bahkan juga penumpang yang faham BM pun akan ketawakan anda!!
A: (I could only nod my head, making sure I was listening to them intently)

Y: BM anda dalam SPM dapat gred apa?
A: A1.

Y: Gred BM cemerlang. Tapi tak pandai cakap dalam BM pulak.
A: (wakao.. bombed by him.. cukup kuai lan.. but I wasn’t going to let him bomb me like tat without defend myself) Actually there is a reason on why my BM is poor. May I further explain my point?

Y: Ok. Sure.
A: Before I entered Form6, all the subjects except BI and EST were conducted in English. Learning was easy that time as I had been experiencing BM in most of the subjects since I was in kindergarten. However, when I entered form6, there was a change in syllabus in both math and science subjects. It took me 2months to adapt to the situation and I gave up reading Malay newspaper in exchange for English newspaper so that I can enhance my vocabulary and enable me to learn easier. Discussion, lab experiments, and questions were all in English. So gradually, I became more proficient in English after I graduated and less fluent in BM. Now I realize I have to improve conversing in BM too in order to be a pilot and for a start, I will reading both malay and English newspaper everyday.

Y: make sure you really improve your BM. ( I nodded)
Z: Let say u can see two airplanes side by side. ( I couldn’t quite remember the type of aircrafts already but I know one is Boeing and one is Airbus...) Name me the difference.
A: (This one I answer wrongly as I said bout the size of aircraft).

Z: What is the degree of attack when the airplane is about to take off?
A: (this is tough..well.. I dunno so I asked permission to give a guess rather than simply give up not trying..) Can I make a guess? ( Mr. Z nodded) 30 degrees..

Z: too high.. guess again..
A: (since they allowed me to guess, I guessed again lor.. I know I might be wrong, but I still answered confidently) 15degrees.

Z: It’s actually 5 degrees ( I have forgotten bout the answer already.. haha.. if im not wrong, it should be 5 degrees.. maybe any pilot who is reading this can provide the answer..)
A: Ooo..

Y: What are your 3 main strengths?
A: ( Fill in the blank)

Y: And your 3 weaknesses?
A: (oo shit.. of all the interview questions I prepared, only this one I left out and now only I noticed it!!! Gosh.. too late now.. I had to start bombing my mind with answers.. BUT.....) hmmmm.... ( 20seconds passed and still silence.. u can imagine how long is 20 seconds if u just count one second by one second!!)

Y: So you do not have any weaknesses huh, mr perfect?
A: I have weaknesses. Hmmm.. (shit..being pressured again..although i looked calm, but my mind was like tornado!! And suddenly, an idea suddenly popped out in my head.. I din think twice before saying this and it was too late..... f***) My main weakness is I do not really understand myself. (shit...)

Y: wao..that is really dangerous of you to say that..
A: I was not saying tat “I really do not understand myself”. I was saying “I do not really understand myself”. There is a difference in that you see... (and again, before I could continue to defend myself...........)

Y: So sorry..we are not psychiatrists. So we can’t help you in tat. ( my god..i felt like I was being bombed with a thousand of nuclear bomb...made a reli big mistake..a lesson to learn.. No use keeping calm on the face but cant keep a calm mind!!)
A: Ok.

Z: Don’t stop there. You haven’t answer our question fully. 2nd weakness?
A: (shit.. again.. I wasted 20 seconds again in silence mode.. and I said..) I am not very good in doing household chores.

Z: That is not weakness. That is just plain lazy. Hahaha..
Y: hahaha.. U dun like gals huh?
A: hahaha.. I like gals of course.. it depends on what kinda gal u present to me..haha..if too ugly ones, I wun have any interest in them! (all of us laughed out loud..well.. dunno what so funny anyway.. lame)

Z: We all human beings have certain weaknesses within us. No one is perfect. Let me give some example of weaknesses..hmmm..not punctual, make empty promises, etc. So now, think again, what is your weakness?
A: (I wasted another 10secs thinking, stil couldn’t come out with any answer. This is the result for being so careless and forgot to prepare that question in advance.. to all future interview candidates, dun repeat my mistake!)

Z: Ok, Mr perfect.. dun waste anymore time. Let’s move on to next ques.
A: (aaaaahhhhh... f***... I think u guys can imagine how I felt at that point..but.. I still remained calm all the while) OK.

Y: (I could see he was flipping my certificates file) So, mr perfect.. do you think you are a very organized person?
A: Yes.

Y: well, that’s great. But why do you arrange your certificates in such a way? Do you know it makes me very hard to read them?
A: (ooops.. I just put my certs in a pocket file.. I din buy the kinda file that u can put in your certs like arranging piano scores) Sorry. ( that’s the only word I could think of saying at tat moment). I do not have a “clear holder” file.

Y: that is not an excuse. (f***.. kene bomb by him again..i lost count of how many times I was bombed). If u got the initiative, you’d have taken the initiative to buy it, right? U will lose your file easily if you carry it around like tat. And imagine all your important certs lost!
A: Yes. I will arrange my certs in a better file. (I replied seriously but in my mind, I was like a dead man....)

Y: Well, please stand up now..
A: sure. (I was still wondering what he wanna do to me)

Y: Now, turn around and face the glass behind you.
A: Ok (I did as what he said)

Y: Now, please tell me what is the colour of the tie of the gentlemen on your right? ( he was referring to Mr. X, the HR guy... this question will really put a pressure on you if you did not notice the ties they were wearing..)
A: Red.

Y: On ur left? (Referring to Mr. Z)
A: Blue

Y: How about the middle?
A: black.

Y: now turn around and see for yourself.
A: ( the left and right ones I answered correctly but the middle one I wrong. Cuz from far, I saw black but when I looked closer, it was actually deep dark blue.. I smiled.. 2 out of three.. tat wasn’t too bad..luckily I noticed the colours of their ties..bloody lucky)

Y: please have a seat. ( I sat down. Then he continued..) do you know why we tested you on that?
A: Yes, this is because you want to see whether I was paying attention to the details or not.

Y: not really correct. That was to test you whether u observe the surrounding and everything around you. As a pilot, u have to know where is the sky, where is the ground, where is the necessary instrument, and so on. Let say your plane is upside down and you still don’t know, that will be a terrible disaster! You get what I am trying to say?
A: (listening attentively and nodded again)

Y: Name me a city in south Africa.
A: (I know I read bout it sometime ago..but I wasn’t sure.. so I said I tak tau)
Y: Johannesburg.

Z: Where is Vienna then?
A: I don’t know. ( reli dunno)
Z: In Austria.

Y: wao.. seems like your general knowledge is very limited huh..
Z: I suggest when you go home, you go buy an atlas. Then abserve an memorize it everyday!
A: (well..it so happened that they asked me the cities that I dunno.. kene bomb again as usual.. keep cool, keep cool.. I just smiled back..a lesson to be learnt, improve ur geography knowledge..)

X: What is the name of Sultan Johor? Err hemm..You are a Johorean, just wanna remind you that..
A: (I know the answer of course, no need to remind me that!! Haha..those who dunno, go google for the answer)

X: what is IDR?
A: (haha.. this question is easy if you paid attention to Johor latest development news.. I answered correctly though.. check out the answer yourself ya..haha..by the way, a clue for you, the names of sultan johor and IDR are related)

Y: Ok. Before we end this, do you have any questions for us?
A: (Well, I asked a few questions to show I am really interested in joining them.. some tips on what to ask them: Can you share with me your most memorable experience in flying an aircraft? What are the qualities of cadet pilot candidates that you are looking for? What is the most obvious outer difference between B777 and A340?)

X: the interview till here then. For your information, if you are selected as our pilot, you will need to undergo training for 60weeks under MAS and you will be given allowance each month. The bond is 15 years. Monthly salary will only be given to you once you completed your training. You will receive our call within two or three weeks informing the result of this interview. Thank you.
A: Thank you.

*So tat’s all for tis interview.. As far as I observed, Mr. X wasn’t asking much.. he was writing notes once a while every time I gave my answers and observing my reactions and expressions.. Mr. Y was the one asking the most as you can see..haha..and the situation was a mix of pressure and laughther.. well.. diff candidates will face diff ques.. i got most of the general knowledge cuz i told them i read newspaper everyday.. anyway, guess what, I passed the interview already and I went for medical checkup on the 7th of May! Haha.. maybe to you guys is unbelievable right? Well, I din think I can pass too with tat kinda quality..hahaha.. but I guess the main reason I passed is because of my calmness..anyway, I hope my info has helped you guys out there who need it.. all the best!! *



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thanks for your informative sharing experience~so do u are select as a cadet pilot under MAS?
hoe kit , 19 Mar, 2011
ya he did.read the last paragraph.
dee , 20 Mar, 2011
thx for sharing the experience! it makes me feel that i was being interviewed by the interviewer...anyway , thank you again n congrats...hav a nice day.
iqh1 , 21 Mar, 2011
now MAS still available for interview for cadet pilot?
~.~ , 22 Mar, 2011
Now MAS open for cadet pilot intake... Apply my friend.. Last submission is on 9 April 2010
;) , 25 Mar, 2011
there is opening for cadet pilot MAS right now... closing date 9.4.2011
:) :) , 25 Mar, 2011
what website.
smilies/kiss.gif excuse me.. can i now wat website to apply??
yek chu hao , 26 Mar, 2011
Just visit malaysia airline website ad go to careers bro.. smilies/smiley.gif
:) :) , 27 Mar, 2011
i'm confused. is the person who's applying cadet pilot for this year must hold any license?or MAS will provided the process to get the license?
fadhil , 28 Mar, 2011
if my BM get D....can i still apply for interview? ==
... , 28 Mar, 2011
mr. confused for this year 2011 . i think mas wont take the fresh graduate spm or degree anymore they only take people who already in the pilot course.. mean that self-sponser .. there is alot of fresh graduate pilot (private) who have no job right now..
mr not perfect , 04 Apr, 2011
I just posted my application this Monday, even though I am not flying school-graduated, but I am really hope that they will call me up for an interview smilies/cry.gif
**********finger crossing******

and to SimYen 1987, normally how long do i need to wait for them to call u for interview after submission of application?
Optimist , 06 Apr, 2011
WTF u passed LOL! nice!
Kosomak , 10 Mar, 2012

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