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A successful SIA Cad
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Home > Female Pilots > Have airlines stopped hiring female pilots?
Have airlines stopped hiring female pilots?
Pilot Career - Female Pilots
Saturday, 02 May 2009 09:43

Dear Captain Lim,

Thanks for this amazing site.

I am 17 years old and currently facing the SPM exam. Though I am not taking Physics, I knew that I am qualified to become an airline pilot through your site. But the only problem is, I heard that now, MAS and AirAsia have stopped hiring female pilots. I heard about this from a MAS Second Officer. We both have a short conversation before this and he advised me to forget about my piloting dream and said it is impossible for girl to be an airline pilot.

I want to find out whether this is true. I’ve been waiting and working hard for many years to achieve my dream. I don't want that to affect my chances of being hired just because I am a girl… it’s so unfair.

Thank you for taking your time to answer my question.

May God bless you and have a good day!


Hi Joy,

The requirements to becoming a pilot today is getting stiffer by the day as the demand drops in view of the current economic situation. Yes, many airlines would insist that you have Physics rather than a General Science subject as a requisite where academic qualification is concerned. In addition, they are also looking for those with higher qualifications - “A” Levels or at least a Degree rather than just an SPM when they have so many to choose from.

Would airlines stop recruiting female pilots?

Well, as I have said before, MAS has never recruited female pilots (although they had contemplated doing so once) and that leaves Air Asia as the largest employer of pilots from the opposite sex in Malaysia. The demand for the pilot profession is a volatile one and it is dictated by the global economy. More so, with the current swine flu (H1N1) fever going around - the travel business is going to be hit hard. Some airlines (e.g. SIA) is cutting down on flights and asking pilots to go on “no-pay leave” to cut costs.

As for some of the airlines that currently employ female pilots in this region (SilkAir, AirAsia), I don’t believe they will close their doors to female pilots when the economic situation improves in the future.

So it is not true that it is impossible for a female to become a pilot. The window of opportunity will open again for those who are really interested when the world economy is back to normal again.

I wish you all the best! alt


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For Joy..
Hai Joy..
Well, we have a same aspire, I see..
When I read about that news, Im shocked!!
But after I read Captain Lim's answer,
I relaxing myself.. (but just a bit)
Im also SPM candidate too, dreaming to fly after this..
Just hoping that there was a luck for me, you and every girl that have the same dream will realized..
ShiQien , 03 May, 2009
Dreams Will Come True.
Hello Joy,

(1) We both love aviation. I think that's a correct assumption.

(2) I think you should not limit your prospective career to airline only. Maybe you should consider the general aviation sector and flight school training ???.

(3) I believe once you have the skills and the licenses, many doors would be opened.

(4) Capt. Lim do correct me if i am wrong smilies/smiley.gif
Azlan Roni , 04 May, 2009
Never Give Up
if its all your dream, never give up on it.

All the best!
Aaron , 04 May, 2009
Hopefully pilot one day
Hi Captain Lim..
Ive been reading your website for quite some time now and its about time I commented on a post. I just wanna say that i think you're a real nice guy and admire they way you encourage people and your willingness to give advice..

Keep it up & happy flying.

Russwestwood , 09 May, 2009
Regarding salary
Hoe much does a Captain of United airlines make??

smile , 17 May, 2009
Don't give up!
Hello Joy.
You do have the same aspiration and dreams like all of us, but remember, don't give up! I believe that the 'never give up' attitude will lead to the success of you being a pilot. 'You are a pilot!'
Tavolie , 19 May, 2009
Work Hard!
Hi Joy,
work hard for your pilot dream. I believe you can do it as I'm also taking the pilot course right now.smilies/smiley.gif remember, IMPOSSIBLE = I M POSSIBLE!

Lynnette , 22 May, 2009
Dream Big
'Think the unbelievable,do the impossible,never take NO for an answer'by Tony Fernandes.......hahaha.....i'm going to soar high after i finish my STPM next year.......smilies/kiss.gif
Lymm , 02 Jun, 2009
Why doesn't MAS hire female pilots? Isn't discrimination illegal in Malaysia?

In ur response "I don’t believe they will close their doors to female pilots when the economic situation improves in the future. " Does that mean that until the economy improves, they will hire only male pilots to replace retiring pilots and pilots who lost their medicals?
Jacky , 07 Jun, 2009
Although MH do not hire female pilots, its subsidiary, Firefly did. If not mistaken, there are already two female SO flying ATR72 in the airline.
Anonymous , 30 Jun, 2009
URE NT THE ONLY ONE...don worry.
well...im actully a pure science student.hoping that im going to pass in flying colours in spm..and be a pilot.btw, im a female with a big dreams just like you.i kinda suck in physics too bt im trying to improve myself.so, don worry.smilies/grin.gif
selina , 05 Jul, 2009
Forget Asian airlines!

Joy, I advise you to completely FORGET any Asian carrier! Asian airlines are extremely far behind the times and VERY chauvinistic! Females would NOT fare well in the flight deck at any Asian carrier.

Come to the USA and get a job immediately once our airlines begin hiring again. You'll have your choice and NO discrimination!
I have been a Captain of a regional airline for nearly 9yrs flying CRJ700's. KEEP YOU DREAM and go to the place that WILL hire women!

Lynn , 18 Jul, 2009
FO 747-400
Joy, I fly to Asia and I have met other women in Asia who aspire to fly for the airlines. I have been flying for 36 years, with 15 of those in a major airline. When people ask me how I did it, I tell them when I started that women were not allowed in the military as pilots and there was a great deal of discrimination and at times, there still is - only because I am still of a minority of pilots in my profession - only about 4-5% in the major air carriers. But, to get here, it takes just putting one foot in front of the other. Every journey is but a series of steps. You just keep accumulating knowledge and skills and you listen and learn. If you love it, then you will become it. After 36 years, I still feel that same thrill as when I started in those small aircraft taking off on those grass strips and flying out over the land and water, totally absorbed in the beauty that God created. And that is why I am an airline pilot. And it is why you will become one, too.

God bless you!
Ailine , 31 Jul, 2009
how is the ratio of ladies becoming captain
Hi Captain!

I have my degree in computer science from USM. Wondering, would female pilots become captains in the same number of years like male pilots?

I heard from some of my friends that male pilots would turn out to be captains within 10 years or so after starting their career as 2nd officer.

Is it the same for us?

Do guide us.

You are rending us a wonderful service.

Glad to be among such aspiring youngsters in this forum! Keep it up. My best wishes to all of you.

Thank You so much.

krish , 05 Aug, 2009
Captain, i am still studying in secondary school, taking my o levels this year.

I wants to be a pilot. Anyways, i am a female.
Well, just wanna ask you a question.

Can i be a pilot if I go into a Polytechnic?Must i get the A level cert?

I look forward to your reply.

Joan , 11 Sep, 2009
Good Luck
Good Luck to ALL OF U U U U U .. I am planning to be one of FEMALE PILOTS ..
Rujirake S. , 29 Oct, 2009
Inspirational Female Pilot
I came across this blog whilr researching for my client Captain Karen Kahn. www.captainkarenkahn.com
She is one of the first female pilots hired in the U.S. and one of the few pioneers still working. She is a great role model and would be happy to give you advice. She counsels aspiring pilots and has a helpful book: Flight Guide for Success: Tips and Tactics for the Aspiring Pilot.

Didn't intend this to a promotional plug, but just thought it may be useful information for this audience. Thanks,
R. Cooper , 24 Nov, 2009
Polytechnic? No problem!
Captain Lim,
Correct me if I'm wrong but it is not a necessity to have an 'A' Level certificate in your post secondary studies right? An equivalent being a Diploma from a recognised institute in Singapore is good enough am I correct? I was just answering a comment from above.

Joy, great to hear that you aspire to be a pilot too! It's a great profession. I was trained in Australia and there were many female pilots around. Some of them went on to be airline pilots, some of them went on to be instructors and a huge chunk just flying commercial. Do not be discouraged by what you hear. I was discouraged by many and wasn't supported by anyone, especially my own family members stating that due to me being a minority race, being a pilot was impossible. Do not fall into that trap. I chased my dreams and have realised my dreams. If I did it, so can you.
Flyboysingapore , 30 Nov, 2009
Joy do not forget about Canada! Especially if you can stand artic weather..there are avaiation jobs in the artic which will help build hours.

There is little mention of Canada here but on the westcoast there are some really great flight schools and cost is really good! My ground school class is half visitors from all over the world!!!!!! Makes for a great multicultural class!
canadianbushbaby , 21 Jan, 2010
Joy come to Canada, flight schools are filled with people from all over the world as the cost for school is pretty good! There are artic jobs for newbie pilots who need to build PIC. Don't forget about Canada!!!
canadianbushbaby , 21 Jan, 2010
A Pilot- Wannabe.
woah. reading all the threads just made me ever more inspired to be one. i'm now currently enrolled in a polytechnic, in a course related to aviation management. however my families and friends told me that an a-level holder is of a "higher value" than us poly kids. hope that's really not true. to all aspiring female pilots out there, let's all work towards our goal!!!! smilies/smiley.gif
Jackie , 13 Apr, 2010
Thank you guys!
I posted this letter to Captain Lim about a year ago, and I never thought that he would reply me until today, I returned to this site and saw his reply! I am so glad for all your supports, and I appreciate about it! I already got my DCA approval and I am ready to be a FEMALE PILOT! God bless! smilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
Joy , 15 Apr, 2010
Hi i am priya !! i ve multiple sclerosis.. taking treatment as if now to avoid further attacks.. so can i apply for the position of ground staff executive. i so keen to join in airlines as a Gre.. PLEASE DO ASSIST ME SO THAT I CAN AVAIL THIS OPPORTUNITY !!
priya , 03 May, 2010
Female pilots allowed
If you were to just look at the Lufthansa website you would see that they even have a WHOLE PROGRAM for female pilots! They encourage female pilots A LOT in other airlines. Sure some Asian airlines may be sexist, but other airlines have TONS of female pilots and encourage more. Lufthansa even has their own program for female pilots and pilots who are mothers too!
Anonymous , 11 Oct, 2010

omar , 11 Jan, 2011
best flying institute?
Hi Capt Lim and All,
I am one amongst who aspire to a pilot one day. I would like to know whether flying school in Asia would be a cheaper option than those in US? Which ones can avail us jobs surely? Is this sector in good condition now that world has done a come back from economic crisis.

I can strive hard for this carrer but have no clue as to where to enroll up myself and get a decent job..

Seeking your help Capt Lim..
thunderbolt , 26 Jan, 2011
best flying institute?
Also i wanted to ask about Phoenix east aviation from florida, how good and reasonable it is?
can anyone tell me total told+hidden cost of getting a CPL from Phoenix East Aviation?
thunderbolt , 27 Jan, 2011
im wondering...
emm~ now im a bit relieve..ppl said that it though for a girl to be a pilot..thanx to capt. Lim for the xplaination..im also one of the SPM candidate, instead of hoping that im getting straight A+(physics is also one of them), im wondering about which institute should i choose??
ieypish , 01 Jun, 2011
Female Pilots
I am currently flying for AirAsia X and been doing so for the pass 7 years and hopefully get to be a Captain soon. I hope all of you will not lose hope in this male dominating working environment. Always try to be better than the boys to secure yourself the best position. Keep up, dont listen to anyone about anything discouraging you from taking your license. I was also from an arts background and made it fine today. Just need to put in extra work. All these will keep us on the ball with our job as we feel the need to work harder than the rest. Keep it up ladies. After all, who run the world? "GIRLS!"
Zephina Khanam , 22 Jun, 2012
Thinking about being a pilot
hello sir,

i was wondering if women are pilots, as many people have told me that women cant be pilots and that it is a men jobs.is there a higher chance of men getting the job than women. im a teenaged girl, what should i take for a levels??? smilies/smiley.gif
Mas , 06 Dec, 2013
In my opinion, I dont think that they'll close the doors of hiring female pilots because as d
far as I know. According to the world census, the female population were growing more and more. In fact as of today, we have many female ones than the male ones. thats according to the census. I am a female too and dreaming to be a pilot sooner in time. Cheers to all of us
RLNicole , 04 Apr, 2015

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